Interactive Storyacting Rumpelstiltskin

Interactive theatre in English for kids

Interactive Storyacting Rumpelstiltskin

Datum/ Uhrzeit
So 28. Jan / 14:00 h

Kinder 6,- / Erwachsene 9,-Euro
zzgl. VVK Gebühr – Vorbestellung
oder telefonisch: 069/ 970 971 52

Interactive Story Acting
Interactive Story Acting is a special form of theater where an experienced actor acts out a fairy tale by slipping into the roles of the various characters. The children participate in the experience of creating the play by sharing their opinions, interacting with the storyteller, and even jumping up on stage and performing different roles such as the Seven Dwarfs or different animals in the forest. It is a wonderful theatrical form where children actively participate in creating a thrilling theater experience.

A beautiful millers daughter is put to the ultimate test. If she can spin straw into gold she will become the queen. With the help of a curious man, she completes the task, but in return, she must promise him her baby. There is only one way to keep her child, and that is to find out his name and to say it out loud!


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