My Way

Musik- Cabaret

My Way

Datum/ Uhrzeit
Fr 30. Nov / 20:00 h

Eintritt: Euro 18,-
Ermäßigt für Schüler, Studenten, Erwerbslose Euro 12,-
zzgl. VVK Gebühr – Vorbestellung
Telefon: 069 / 970 971 52

Nigel Francis in association with AMW Productions and the Galli Theater Frankfurt


           ‚Nigel Francis gives a breathtaking performance‘-The New Current

                     ‚An almighty powerhouse of a show‘-Broadway Baby

‚Over two hours, Nigel Francis penetrates your soul‘  Frankfurter Neue Presse

For a long time, I‘ve wanted to do a show where I can just be me on stage and sing some of the great songs from the brilliant artists that I love. At an early age, I was lucky enough to be introduced to some of the great singers and song writers like Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and many, many more that I‘m proud to say, are still among some of my biggest musical heroes. It‘s going to be so difficult to write the set list that I will sing on this evening, there are just so many great songs to choose from, but I can promise you, all the big hits will be in there. They‘ll be no make-up, no big sets, it‘ll just be me on stage with a microphone in my hand and the chance to sing some of my favorite songs from these, and other brilliant artists. Listening to their songs again has brought back so many happy memories, memories I‘d like to share with you on this evening, an evening I hope you‘ll enjoy watching as much as I‘ll enjoy performing. So here it is…….. MY WAY.

Nigel Francis 22.05.2018

Galli Theater Frankfurt

mit Nigel Francis